(BUY PRINT) OCTOBER 2018 – The World Renowned Swiss Gemologist & Jeweler

WELAB Magazine – October 2018  This Issue Includes: Suelle Harts, Dr. Linda Amerson, Alessio Mongardi, Yvette Perpignan, Johnny Gee, Daisy the Cup, Jamie On, Kary Sit, and Alexa Calvin. CLICK IMAGE TO ORDER:   WELAB Magazine – October 2018 By WELAB Magazine 44 pages, published 10/1/2018

World Renowned Swiss Gemologist and Jeweler – SUELLE HARTS

World renowned Suelle Harts is a Swiss gemologist and jeweler, widely known for her uniquely crafted, customized collections of fine-jewelry. Gracing the world of art and fashion with her divine creations since 2011, marked the inception of her very own gemological laboratory in Amsterdam called Harts Gem Lab. Transitioning to a different location, Suelle later…