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WELAB Magazine – October 2018  This Issue Includes: Suelle Harts, Dr. Linda Amerson, Alessio Mongardi, Yvette Perpignan, Johnny Gee, Daisy the Cup, Jamie On, Kary Sit, and Alexa Calvin. CLICK IMAGE TO ORDER:   WELAB Magazine – October 2018 By WELAB Magazine 44 pages, published 10/1/2018

The First Cultural Wedding Planner is in Canada

When it comes to throwing a wedding party, there is hardly a cultural one unless if it’s in one’s country. Whimsically calligraphed wedding invitations, styled tablescapes engineered down to the last dessert spoon, are all in the European style. While these moments showcase in the TV show seem as though they are magic, none of them consider the cultural…